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Thailand, Cambodia, and the US: Democracy and Tense Relations in Southeast Asia

On our December 21 episode of World Views @CIS, host Suzette Grillot speaks to Paul Chambers, a lecturer in international affairs and researcher with expertise in South Asia.

Paul Chambers joined us on World Views earlier this year, when the show was on KGOU, to discuss the future of Thailand’s postponed elections. He recently rejoined World Views @CIS to update us on the Trump administration’s deportation of legal Cambodian immigrants, human rights in Cambodia, and Thailand’s struggles with pseudo-democracy.

Dr. Chambers is a lecturer and special advisor on international affairs at the College of ASEAN Community Studies at Naresuan University in Thailand. He is also a research fellow at the German Institute of Global Area Studies in Hamburg and the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt. Dr. Chambers also serves as the editor of the journal Asian Affairs: An American Review. His research interests include civil-military relations, security sector reform, and democratization in South Asia, and has been featured in a number of book chapters and journal articles. This week, he visits the World Views studio to discuss politics in the region, including human rights concerns in Cambodia and Thailand’s military rule.


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