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Reporters on the Frontlines: Journalists and the Impact of Trauma

On today’s roundtable discussion, Suzette Grillot and Rebecca Cruise discuss the international reaction to the United States’ recent midterm elections. Then, Suzette speaks to Olga Kravtsova, journalism and trauma expert.

Rebecca Cruise is the Associate Dean of Student Services at the David L. Boren College of International Studies, as well as an Assistant Professor in International and Area Studies. Her research and teaching focuses on international organizations, activism, and global security. She received her BA from the University of Portland and her PhD from OU’s Department of Political Science.

Olga Kravstova is the founder and director at the Journalism Advancement and Support Center in Russia. She is also the country contact at the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma, an organization which supports journalists covering conflicts, disasters, and other traumatic situations. She is a coordinator for both the Russian Press Council and the Center for Journalism in Extreme Situations’ Frontline Russia initiative. Previously, Olga has served as a Fulbright Scholar in residence at the Dart Center and an Educational and Cultural Exchange Scholar at the Wilson Center’s Kennan Institute.

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