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Trade Wars, Literacy Education, and Teaching Democracy

On our August 11 show, Suzette Grillot and Mitchell Smith discuss tariffs and tariff wars on our weekly roundtable discussion. Then, Suzette Grillot speaks to OU professor and researcher Sally Beach about her international work in literacy and curriculum development.

Mitchell Smith is a Professor and Chair of the Department of International and Area Studies at the University of Oklahoma. His research and courses cover the politics, economics, and public policy of the European Union and its member states. He joins me today to share his insights on US trade policy and the domestic and international consequences of ongoing tariff wars.

Sally Beach is a former elementary school teacher and expert on reading and literacy education. She obtained her PhD from the University of California at Riverside with an emphasis on Reading, Curriculum and Instruction, and Research Methods. Along with her time teaching in the United States, she has worked with teachers in countries including Slovakia, Kazakhstan, and Armenia to develop best practices on literacy and student assessment. She joins me today to discuss the international aspects of her work, including education for democracy and critical thinking.

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