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Journalism and Leadership: Interviews with Adam Bryant and Mark Singer

On today’s show, we speak to Adam Bryant and Mark Singer about their careers as writers, and how their experiences working with high-profile sources have shaped their perceptions of leadership.

Adam Bryant currently works as the Managing Director at Merryck & Company, a leadership development and executive mentoring firm. Previously, he created and wrote the Corner Office column at the New York Times. During his many years at the Times, Bryant interviewed more than 500 CEOs from a diverse range of companies and backgrounds. He joins us today to discuss the lessons he’s learned from the leaders he’s interviewed, and how that leadership can translate across sectors and international boundaries.

Mark Singer was born and raised in Tulsa and has been a writer at the New Yorker since 1974. He joins us today to discuss the role of media in the United States, why today could still be a “golden age in journalism,” and how Trump has changed since Singer’s 1997 profile on the then-bankrupt real estate magnate. His most recent book, Trump and Me, was released in 2016.

Jam It by Stefan Kartenberg (c) copyright 2018 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) license. Ft: Bill Ray (billraydrums)

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